I haven’t really updated in a while, so I decided to upload this short story. Read it! I command you!

Since I killed of my DA account and removed all of my stuff from online, I think I make the world an unhappy place by having little of my work online. Therefore, here is something I wrote some time ago for a class. Before anything, a fun fact about this story. I wrote it in 2 days. During the first day, I was feeling like shit, as if I had been run over by a truck (the flu). The day after, and a day before the due date, I revised it while having a fever of 101, which moved to 102 and was forced to go to the doctor by my brother and future sister in law. The doctor gave me this crazy drug for the swine flu, which has led me to believe I had H1N1 that year. Yeah, I was not in my mind. Furthermore, I’ve never read the story after those two days.

Thy Fearful Symmetry


sorry I had to remove story because of some kind of blackmail…

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