It felt as though my entire being 
melted right there on the carpet. 
Newly-hatched butterflies 
fluttering about in my stomach,
desperate to get free. 
My chest and cheeks flushed
so effortlessly,
and all words escaped me.
No words can describe the feeling
of his hand on my waist,
or his hair tickling my ear,
or the way his body felt pressed against mine.
No words can describe the deep, internal lust
for more.
There is no way to explain to someone 
the feeling of floating and sinking 
at the same time
as that Irishman was mine, 
just for a moment. 
A thousand balloons,
being inflated and popped
in my organs,
confetti flying throughout my veins,
streamers and kazoos in my heart
and my brain. 
A piñata lodged in my throat,
words unable to break it. 
It was so magically, terrifyingly, indescribably

Via:  Green Light on the Dock

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