"IV" & "V" #poetry


A golden seat to oversee.

He leads, commands, and sets the rules,
regal forms to protect the weak
but slays the ones who seek to hurt.

In times when order seems to fail,
the king will rise and find the way
to fix and weave the disarray.

By his hand, chaos shall collapse.

The Emperor



When we’re young we see ourselves over things.
We look beyond the edifice to bring
a thought, a learn-ed…

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QuestionThat was actually my friend Laura's (marcelines) axe :D she made it herself and it's awesome! and we would but we only went for today :/ Answer

Well, you three were pretty cool. Group cosplay is always the best. As for the other bit of info, what a shame. You should indulge in your con experience!

Question(marshal lee) Thankyou so much for putting me and my friends (adventure time) in your photoset! :) first con for me and they're my experienced mentors so it feels awesome ^u^ Answer

Ah, you guys were awesome! Loved your axe! Keep up the awesome work. You should considering participating in one of the costume contests. The masquerade tomorrow maybe?